Welcome to Brasil!!

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Here you will find the beginning of our trip!!

And how about  Samba-school Salgueiro that we visited

saturday 2/2, a week before Carneval!!      (Homepage http://www.salgueiro.com.br )

It became a very long night with lot's of Brahma Beer and dancing...

We did a very interesting tour to the biggest Favela in Rio de Janeiro

It's called Favela Rocinha           (Homepage http://www.rocinha.com.br/)

Now it's time for the pictures from one of the most beautiful and

fun cities i've ever visited..... Rio de Janeiro !!!!



       Here is some pictures taken from the streets of Copacabana

On Sunday 10/2 we went for a long evening/night to watch the competition

between the big Samba-schools at Sambodromo !!!!


Maybe the most popular banda is the very famous Banda de Ipanema ,if

you haven't seen them before...please take a look... 

Our last week after carneval we went to Buzios ,about 2 hours

drive North of Rio de Janeiro (When traffic is ok... ) to just relax

and cure our green stomages from to many Caipirinhas...

Going back home...  really not much to talk about....

could have stayed a few more days in Brasil...But who will stay

there any longer when you have this nice climate at home...


That's all for now folks...you can drop me a line in my Guestbook